Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the salary ranges for the career path levels?

The career path levels do not have fixed salary ranges tied to them but are intended to be a hierarchical listing of titles based on their relationship with each other in the marketplace. In seeking salary information regarding the positions on the Career Path Navigator

What do the first two letters of each of the career path levels stand for?

The first two letters of each path level are an abbreviation of the name of the career family they are grouped in. For a complete listing of the career families and their corresponding two letter codes, click on the sub-heading titled 'Path Levels' above.

Are path level numbers valued the same across all of the career families?

Creation of the path levels follows the same principle for all career families. Therefore the hierarchical relationship across career families is a valid relationship

My Unit has posted ranges for the market titles that show a different relationship than the path levels indicate. What should I do?

The relationship between positions may vary between Units. For hierarchical relationship of positions within your Unit you should always refer to any published ranges. If there are no published ranges or you wish to compare across Units the path levels can assist with such a comparison. For information regarding salary ranges refer to specific position postings. Most job postings now contain desired pay ranges for the given school or department posting the position.

Why can I not find my title?

The market titles listed on the Career Path Navigator represent the job titles found in the external marketplace through our salary surveys. Departments have been given the flexibility to use working titles as we realize not every external job title is reflective of our needs. It is possible you are using your working title in your search instead of your market title. You can verify your market title through Wolverine Access by following this path: Employee Business -> Log In -> Employment Information -> View Appointment. "Job Title" is your market title and is listed under "Appointment Information."

What is a career family?

A career family is a broad meaningful grouping of jobs commonly clustered within a career emphasis. Content of defined work within a job is the keycriteria in determining relationship to this familial structure.

What is a career band?

A career band is a sub-set of jobs commonly found in the market with a recognized specialty

What are path levels?

Path levels represent a hierarchical relationship of University positions based upon their relationship in the market place. They are designed to assist staff in their career planning and should be viewed as only one of many factors that go into any career planning decision. They do not represent salary grades or absolute relationships between positions. Units within the University may place varying values on the same positions resulting in a relationship that may represent a higher or lower path level. For these reasons path levels should be considered only a guide followed by more in-depth exploration of posted openings for specific organizations.

Why don't we have salary ranges?

With the elimination of salary grades the University's published salary ranges for each of the job families were also eliminated. Salary ranges may now be established at the unit level and are included in most of the job postings.

Why don't we have salary grades?

Salary grades are derived through establishing internal comparisons between positions. With the introduction of the Career Family Classification System the University changed from an internal to an external or market referenced classification system. Because comparisons of positions are now based upon their relationship to the external market