Use the search tool to find Career Family Classification market titles to explore.

The Keyword search looks for specific words in market titles and descriptions or you can search for specific words solely in market titles via U-M Job Title. Additionally, you may select a Career Family, Career Band, Role, or all three to make your search more specific. (e.g. Enter "Admin" in the Keyword search box and select the Career Family of "Administration" and the Career Band of "Business Administration" and select "Search". The results will show you all the market titles that contain "admin" either in the market title or the job description within the selected Career Family and Career Band above.) NOTE: to aid in yielding results when selecting both a Career Family and a Career Band, refer to the Career Families and Bands page for a list of Career Families and their associated Career Bands. Selecting a Career Band that is not associated with a Career Family will yield no search results.

Other search options allow you to go directly to a market title if you know the uniqname or job code.

Once you have your search results, clicking on the URL that is titled "Download CSV of search results" will create a downloadable Excel file of your results that you can then sort how you choose.

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